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3 junior positions in Parkinson's disease analytics available now!

Come work with us at NIH on data science projects as part of a diverse team of multidisciplinary scientists that will be helping support the next big wave of Parkinson’s disease genomics initiatives.

We are looking for candidates early in their careers with basic programming skills that are willing to learn and apply new methods and techniques. These positions include general analysis workflows with standard packages (python3, dash, PLINK, HAIL, etc). Each of the three positions will have a separate focus in addition to general data science work, with responsibilities ranging from data science and machine learning, to data visualization and dashboard builds, as well as data and program management.

Positions available: 

  1. Junior level data analyst - focus @ data scientist

  2. Junior level data analyst - focus @ data visualization

  3. Junior level data analyst - focus @ program and data management

These positions will include opportunities for on-the-job training, authorship on publications, some independent research, possible scientific conference travel and situational support for continuing education.

Scope of research: Supporting cloud based analysis and data sharing solutions for large genomics efforts in Parkinson’s disease. This will focus on running and refining standard analysis, data management and data visualization workflows. Big picture goal is improving open science ecosystems focusing on Parkinson’s disease.

Ideal candidate(s): Candidate(s) (under graduate to post-doctoral level) should have some training in bioinformatics and programming (python and bash at least). A basic familiarity with computer clusters and cloud-based computing is ideal. Excellent written and oral communication skills and the ability to work well in teams are required. The incumbent will have a major role in assisting in manuscript preparation and bioinformatic training of other team members, providing technical assistance, and maintaining research continuity within the laboratory.

For the candidate(s) focused on data science, knowledge of genome-wide association study (GWAS) software and post-GWAS analysis is a priority. Additionally knowledge of notebooks, sci-kit learn, pyTorch, TensorFlow or Keras is useful. General tasks will include analysis support and building / maintaining analysis pipelines.

For the candidate(s) focused on data visualization, knowledge of dash, shiny, markdowns and some web development is a priority. General tasks will include management of dashboards for data summarizing and visualization in addition to analysis support.

For the candidates(s) focused on data and program management, familiarity with google derived storage and indexing tools (Google Team Drive, BigQuery) plus some form of project management experience is a priority. General tasks will depend on experience but will include assisting in general organization and management of projects, organization meetings and conferences and creating and implementing policies.

Additional info: Full time employment on annual contract (renewable). Duty station at NIH in Bethesda (principal investigator: Andrew B. Singleton). Flexible hours and possibility of up to 50% telecommuting with progress after initial on boarding. US work permit or US citizenship required.

Interested candidates should provide the following documents: cover letter, CV and if possible contact info for up to three relevant references.

If interested email:

Positions available immediately.

Mike Nalls